The world in pictures

Argentina offers everything a traveler wants to meet. The incredible Megacity of Buenos Aires, forests, glaciers, deserts, the best beef in the world, chimichurri and a lot more :)

Travelling in Bolivia is exciting in terms of the great variety of colours , landscape and interesting traditions/culture. Wether it is the beautiful desert of Atacama, the train junkyard or cemetery in Uyuni, the Copacabana with Lake Ticicaca and the neighbouring Isla del sol , the city of la Paz with its unique architecture and geographical location or the female Wrestling of the Las Cholitas, travelling in Bolivia is always interesting and worth doing.

Brazil is the fith biggest country in terms of population and land size in the world. The tremendious spectrum of green colours is amazing and you will start to see it, just by flying over it. Its vast megacities are- in difference to China - well known in the world. namely Rio and Sao Paulo.

Chile, neighboring Argentina, has a beautiful landscape, just like Argentina. Vulcanos, glaciers, megacities and much more.

Berlin is also said to be Germany's capital of street art and graffiti. Graffiti can be found almost everywhere. Many famous street artists are from Berlin or at least have done part of their work here. Graffiti and street art can be rebellious, genuine or just be anything else, just like street art is. Many locations will be dissappearing in the near future, because the lots the buildings are on will be or are actually sold and not all owner's of houses appreciate the artist's work. In this section I want to give you some impressions of street art in Berlin and also conserve this art, because a lot of it will be dissapearing.

lago Maggiore in Italy is a beautiful place.

Peru, an amazing country to travel in reveals its beauti in terms of rich nature, remnants of the ancient inca culture and much more. Macchu Picchu as well as Cusco contain inca architecture.

Travelling Portugal was a amazing experience. Unfortunately I could only spend 3 days in Lissabon. i was quite astonished to find that well done graffiti in Lisboa as well as delicious fish and vine.

Uruguay, Argentina's neighbour, is always worth paying a visit.


Working 1,5 years in the USA, I was trying to travel as much as I could.

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